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XRY Physical

XRY Physical is a software package for the physical recovery of data from mobile devices. MSAB has developed XRY Physical to make it easier to navigate a wealth of information.

With this tool, MSAB has developed a forensic method to secure the handset’s raw data from a mobile device (sometimes referred to as a hex-dump) and offer the ability to overcome security protocols on many devices and decode that raw information.


Get More Data

MSAB’s widely used XRY Logical software enables law enforcement agencies to perform ‘Logical’ data acquisition. XRY Physical has the advantage that it can reveal protected and deleted data, which may not be available through a logical analysis. Crucially, using XRY Physical, it is also possible to recover data from security locked phones.

Deleted Data Recovery

XRY Physical is different because it lets forensics specialists push investigation even further by performing a physical data acquisition.

XRY Physical allows users to generate hash values of the memory image, as well as individually decoded files.

Hex viewers

XRY Physical automatically shows users the data from the most relevant portions of phone memory. It allows examiners to explore even deeper with the use of hex viewer application XACT, supplied with XRY Physical.

Alternatively, users can quickly view the source data in XAMN Spotlight.

XRY License includes

Free cables. Free software updates. Free technical support, extended warranty available on all equipment manufactured by MSAB provided the XRY license is maintained.

  • Mobile Device Physical Examinations
  • Bypass or Recovery of Passcodes
  • Reconstructed and Deleted Data
  • Device Dump and Binary Importing
  • Smartphone App Support
  • Windows Based Software Solution
  • Unique Help File for Every Device
  • Easy Data Extraction
  • HEX Analysis of Data
  • Hash Algorithms
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burning Wizard
  • Clone SIM Cards
  • Clean Registry
  • Convert Old XRY Files
  • License Updates
  • Download Updates
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