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MSAB Raven

Raven: A Mobile Device Exploitation Kit in an extremely portable package.

MSAB Raven is an innovative, highly portable mobile device triage toolset designed for operators in the field who need to quickly extract data from mobile devices to make quick informed decisions.

Built on top of the latest Android operating system, Raven offers a dedicated set of applications that can extract, decode, and analyze device data without circumventing the security of the OS or device. Raven combines push-button simplicity, requiring minimal training to operate, with powerful extraction capabilities for iOS and Android-based mobile devices, flash media, SIM cards and drones.

Tools that can be found in Raven

MobEX is a portable extraction solution for the logical capture of mobile device data. MobEX enables you to quickly run mobile data extractions of most Android and iOS devices using Bluetooth or a USB cable to recover calls, contacts, text messages, and other critical data.  It’s fast and easy to use to selectively choose targeted data and set your priority for capture.

SIMEX was developed to enable the collection of SIM card data. Specifically built to take advantage of the Android operating system and devices, it provides unprecedented portability and stealth in a CELLEX tool. SIMEX is designed to work with SIM, USIM, LTE, CSIM (RUIM), iDEN, and Satellite smart cards and is capable of performing simultaneous extractions. With the ability to be installed on phones and tablets, SIMEX offers a truly portable and non-descript exploitation package.

DronEX provides unrivaled support for the exploitation of the most popular models of commercial drones. Extract data quickly and easily for tactical analysis of the flight logs for real time targeting. No need to remove a circuit board or disassemble a drone for access to the internal storage. The intuitive app design means that only minimal training is needed.

With FlashEX get write-protected data extraction from thumb drives, SD cards and Micro SD cards. With removable storage, you will never run out of space and can easily transfer any collected data in a nonproprietary format.

Once you’ve extracted the data from a target device, Odin makes it fast and easy to view, search and filter it, plus much more. Every extraction from the Raven platform can be analyzed and searched in Odin. you can map drone flights captured in DronEX, run a watchlist against your contacts from MobEX and SIMEX, or search for known hash values from FlashEX extractions. Odin puts “capability without compromise” in the palm of your hand.

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