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XRY Logical

XRY Logical is the quickest extraction method because it enables you to access and recover live and file system data from the device right on the crime scene. It extracts data from digital devices by communicating with the operating system of the device. The service is automated but is the equivalent of manually examining each screen on the device and recording what is displayed.

Fast, Efficient & Secure

XRY Logical provides a intuitive and user friendly interface to analyze a wide range of mobile phones through a secure examination process to recover data in a forensically secure manner. The information gathered from the examined device is instantly available for review in a secure and traceable manner, ensuring its legal standing and credibility in a court of law.

Entry Level Solution
With XRY, a tamper-proof report is created within minutes which can easily be customized to a user’s needs, including references and a user’s own organization branding as required. The Case File functionality allows for several different examinations to be held together in a folder. For example the logical extraction of the device along with reads from the SIM Card and SD memory storage.


  • Windows based software solution.
  • Unique help file for every device.
  • Secure file format.
  • Hash algorithms.
  • Easy data extraction and reporting.
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