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Opentext Tableau Forensic

OpenText Tableau Forensic

Digital forensic imaging for law enforcement and corporate investigations

The increasing diversity, size and sophistication of digital media complicates evidence collection. OpenText™ Tableau Forensic Imagers, Duplicators and Write Blockers/Bridges help law enforcement, government agencies and corporate investigators quickly and reliably create digital forensic images of suspect devices.

Quickly image suspect devices

Quickly image suspect devices

Improve investigative efficiency

Leverage support for a broad range of devices and harness a variety of features, from triage to acquisition, to help investigators maximize their time.

Ensure forensic integrity

Assist with chain of custody and ensure the authenticity of digital forensic images with products built around NIST standards.

Onboard quickly

Guide investigators through any operation with minimal training through intuitive, user-friendly digital forensic imaging and navigation.

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