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XAMN Elements

XAMN Elements is the most advanced tool available today for mobile forensic data analysis and reconstruction. It is the advanced hex carving tool for experts, designed to help expert users to dig deeply into undecoded or fragmented data in order to bookmark, reconstruct and validate crucial pieces of information that would otherwise be unavailable.

Using the Unified Elements Map, you know where you are at all times, which makes it easier to navigate and reconstruct all the data safely, find the missing evidence and analyze it.

XAMN Elements enables the user to work faster and more efficiently by focusing on those areas most likely to be contain relevant data. Furthermore, XAMN Elements is fully integrated with XAMN Spotlight, enabling a seamless workflow that includes combined reporting.

Product Highlights

  • Enables you to make sense of missing, deleted or fragmented data
  • Most technically advanced solution available, designed to help you tackle the toughest challenges
  • Makes the work process faster and more efficient
  • Future proof
  • Seamless workflow with XAMN Spotlight integration


  • Advanced hex carving
  • Bookmarking and highlighting functionality
  • Unified Elements Map
  • XAMN Spotlight integration
  • Information sharing facilitate
  • Powerful technology
  • Modern user interface
  • Export and import binary files
  • Python scripting functionality
  • New Differential Engine facilitating the comparison of differences between files
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