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MSAB – XAMN Horizon

XAMN Horizon is an analytical software package designed exclusively for the comparison of data extracted from smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Built by the makers of XRY the leading mobile forensic software solution, XAMN Horizon works seamlessly to allow you to drag and drop fi les straight into the XAMN Horizon graphical user interface to start analyzing data in greater detail, faster than ever before.

Easy to use

With mobile phone memories getting ever bigger, the challenge of dealing with large volumes of data is growing. Investigators need to review more and more data in order to find the crucial connections and prove associations, because it’s not just about the data, it’s about the meaning.

5 Different analyst views

Whether it is a simple telephone call between one person and another or the more complex recovery of GPS coordinates hidden in the meta-data of images, we know investigators want to see these connections to allow for greater understanding and explanation of the links. XAMN Horizon offers users a quicker, faster, more efficient way of visualizing mobile data.

XAMN Horizon is feature rich and offers the ability to create a list of combined XRY files and show connections between individuals. You can also display the data as a timeline and plot information on a map. Additionally you can create an instant message conversation view.

XAMN Horizon (MSAB), Timeline view

Overcoming variable data formats

A common challenge with many all-purpose analytical tools is their inability to cope with the different types of data sets generated by mobiles. E.g. whilst one phone gives a time format of DD/MM/YY the next device it is being compared with presents YY/DD/MM format. How could an analyst without access to the original device, be sure what the correct times and dates are for an effective comparison?

That is where XAMN Horizon comes in – it works with normalized data results for effective comparison between all the different data sets on all the different mobile devices. Because not only do we understand your need to analyse data, we also understand exactly how all those extracted devices work and present the information correctly.

XAMN Horizon, connections

Tagging data

To assist the analysis process, users can tag specific types of data for ease of identification. These tags can be saved and forwarded to investigators. You can build cases which can be saved and reviewed over time as more data becomes available for analysis during the course of the investigation and review the contents of individual messages and images with a simple click of the mouse. XAMN Horizon is the next generation of analysis tools for e-forensics and will enable greater understanding and discovery from the goldmine of mobile phone data available to investigators.

XAMN, Horizon, translation

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