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UFED Touch 2

UFED Touch platform, the next generation portable digital forensics solution empowers law enforcement, military, intelligence and e-discovery personnel to speed the capture of critical forensic intelligence and evidence from the widest variety of mobile devices and operating systems. No matter the mission requirements, UFED Touch2 reliably and intuitively extends full logical, physical and file system extraction capabilities where they are needed most – in the field or lab.

Powerful new capabilities

Lightweight and compact, the UFED Touch2 features a new 1024 high-resolution, capacitive multi-touch display for ease of use in bright sunshine or dim light conditions. Faster computing power extracts, decodes and analyzes digital evidence, quickly to speed investigations and optimize investigative resources. New enhancements in battery-life keeps the UFED Touch2 working in even the most challenging environments.

Other new platform features include:

  • Built-in multi-SIM reader
  • DDR3 memory
  • USB 3.1 phase 1 auxiliaries (Up to 5Mbps)
  • Wi-Fi b\g\n\ac – (up to 350 Mbps)
  • Large and fast hard drive (SSD 128GB)
  • Mini display port
  • Customized Windows 10

The UFED Touch2 advantage – at a glance

Cellebrite continues to the set the industry standard for digital forensics solutions.  The UFED Touch2 reflects that, providing forensics practitioners and investigators with advanced benefits:

  • In-depth physical, file system, password and logical extractions of evidentiary data
  • Unmatched support for the widest ranges of leading mobile devices and operating systems
  • Proprietary technology and boot loaders ensure forensically sound extractions
  •  Complete field-ready kit offers compact tip connectors with four master cables for extraction and charging during usage
  • High-resolution, multi-touch, intuitive touch-screen display
  • Frequent software updates ensure ongoing compatibility with all new phones introduced to the market
  • Available in both standard or ruggedized editions

UFED Touch2 key features

  • Standalone reliability
  • Closed platform for forensically sound extractions
  •  Unmatched support for the widest range of mobile devices
  •  Proprietary hardware, software and boot loaders
  •  Touch screen and intuitive GUI
  • HTML report viewer for onscreen viewing of reports
  • Portable – Integrated battery
  • All-inclusive field-ready operational kit – smaller, lighter connector tips, external hard drive and more + Field mobility in most environments

UFED Touch 2 Extraction

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