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XRY Kiosk

MSAB Kiosk

The Power of XRY Combined with Simplicity of Use

The XRY Kiosk from MSAB offers the ability to speedily recover data, for users who require fast extractions in a controlled environment. It is a forensic tool designed for first responders where mobile data recovery is just one part of their responsibilities.

With its touch screen interface it is designed to quickly and easily recover data from mobile devices. With the Kiosk you can plug in the mobile device, touch the screen and extract the data within minutes.

The Kiosk is a turnkey solution for mobile forensics providing full control for managers. It can be tailored to organization workflows and configured for different levels of forensic ability. This offers control of a broadened and simplified forensic process, without challenging the integrity and credibility of the forensic evidence.

The Kiosk empowers your organization to examine more mobile devices faster.

Kiosk Key Features

  • Dedicated Turnkey Terminal Solution
  • Unique Help File for Every Device
  • Easy Touch Screen Data Extraction
  • Immediate Reporting
  • User Control and Administration
  • LED In-Use Visual Indicator
  • File Export to Disc or Drive

Included in the Kiosk Package

The Kiosk provides first responders with the real-time evidence and intelligence capabilities needed to confirm or reject initial suspicions. Whilst complex devices or investigations can be processed by forensically experienced staff; the Kiosk empowers your organization to examine mobile devices faster and reduce backlogs.

  • Touch Screen Kiosk
  • XRY Cable Kit and Organizer
  • SIM Card Reader
  • Integrated Write Protected Memory Card Reader
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