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Internet Evidence Finder

Internet Evidence Finder

Internet Evidence Finder is a digital forensics software solution used by thousands of forensics professionals around the world to findanalyze and present digital evidence found on computers, smartphones and tablets.


Designed for forensics professionals who must recover digital evidence from computers, smartphones and tablets, an IEF Search finds hundreds of digital forensic artifacts by parsing and carving data from allocated and unallocated space.

  • Recover evidence from 265+ types of Internet Artifacts from Windows and Mac computers
  • Recover evidence from 58 types of Business Applications & OS Artifacts from Windows and Mac computers
  • Recover 165+ types of Mobile Artifacts from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Search results are organized in IEF Report Viewer, where they can be analyzed by a digital forensics professional to identify the evidence that is most important to a case.

  • UseKeyword Searches, Filters and Bookmarks to identify important evidence.
  • Rebuild Webpages:View webpages in their original format as they were seen by the user.
  • Mapping:Plot geo-location data on a world map to identify physical locations.
  • Timeline:View artifacts graphed in a chronological sequence to observe overall activity patterns, and drill-down to isolate artifacts from a specific time period.
  • Picture Analysis:Identify and categorize images recovered by an IEF search with built-in picture and analysis tools.


IEF search results can be exported into a number of report formats that are easy to understand and present. IEF’s flexible reporting options make it easy to understand evidence, and collaborate at all stages of the investigation:

  • Export a report in HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, XML and tab-delimited formats.
  • IEF Portable Case:Share an IEF Portable Case with colleagues, who can then view all search results without having an IEF license.
  • Chat Thread Visualization:Create a representation of a chat thread to add to your report or presentation as a visual element.
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