Phonexia Voice Verify

Authenticate clients reliably based on their voice whenever they reach out to your contact center and greatly improve customer experiences and account security with Phonexia’s AI-powered voice biometrics technology.

Cost Reduction

Shorten the time necessary for clients to authenticate over the phone by 30+ seconds and reduce costs significantly.

Fraud Prevention

Secure access to your clients’ data conveniently with voice biometrics and detect fraud attempts natively.

A Seamless Experience

Verify clients in 3 seconds based on their voice and offer them an immersive, passwordless authentication experience.

Verify Clients by Their Voice with Extremely High Accuracy

Offer your customers a seamless, secure, and passwordless authentication experience by identifying them based on voice biometrics instead of hard-to-remember passwords. Phonexia Voice Verify leverages Phonexia Deep Embeddings™ Speaker Identification technology powered by artificial intelligence to provide extremely fast and accurate speaker verification.
Phonexia Voice Verify is a cutting-edge voice verification solution designed specifically for contact centers to enhance them with an intuitive security layer. Based on voice biometrics, rather than additional security questions, customers can be verified over the phone conveniently after only 3 seconds of net speech with over 92% accuracy (based on the NIST SRE16 test set). The authentication’s accuracy increases further as the conversation continues.
Aside from natural, voice-based authentication, the solution helps businesses meet various security regulations, such as PSD2, and shorten the authentication phase of an average call by 30+ seconds, significantly reducing contact center costs.

Key Capabilities

Language Independency

Voice properties are so unique that even when someone tries to speak in a different language or accent, Phonexia Voice Verify can still recognize the speaker.

Free Speech Verification

There is no need to say a specific sentence to be successfully recognized by Phonexia Voice Verify as speakers are identified automatically after only 3 seconds of natural speech.

Easy Calibration

Phonexia Voice Verify can be easily calibrated based on existing data whenever needed to increase speaker verification accuracy even further.

Fast Voice Enrollments

Customer voice enrollments (voiceprint creations) can be performed in just 20 seconds and then compared at anytime with as little as 3 seconds of a customer’s net speech.

Use Cases

Call Centers

Contact centers of banks, retail finance, insurance, telco, and utility companies can verify clients over the phone in just 3 seconds based on their voice and greatly improve customer experience and account security.

Smart IVRs

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems can be enhanced with voice verification cababilities to provide clients with a natural way to verify themselves over the phone, making self-service a breeze.


Whether your call center voicebots need to take care of inbound or outbound calls, communication with clients becomes increasingly seamless and efficient, when they can be verified through their voice as they speak.

Conversational AI Platforms

Any type of conversational AI platform (voicebots, chatbots, virtual assistants, speech-based UIs) can benefit from voice verification as it is the fastest and most convenient way to verify a speaking person.