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Phonexia Voice Inspector

Perform fast and highly accurate language-independent forensic voice analysis using a speaker recognition solution explicitly designed for forensic experts and exclusively powered by state-of-the-art deep neural networks.

Key Features

Shorter Investigation Time

Analyze the subject’s voice automatically with an advanced speaker identification tool, and support your forensic expert’s conclusion with accurate, unbiased voice analysis.

Efficient Voice Analysis

Identify a speaker in the recordings of any language without the need to hire a language-specific linguist as Phonexia Voice Inspector can detect pronunciation differencies in any language.

Detailed Reports

Present the results of your forensic voice analysis to a court in the most convenient way with an automatically generated report containing all the necessary details to validate the claim.

Verify Speakers Faster and with Higher Accuracy

Phonexia Voice Inspector is an out-of-the-box solution that provides police forces and forensic experts with a highly accurate speaker recognition tool to support effective criminal investigations and give evidence in court. It is based on the state-of-the-art Phonexia Voice Biometrics technology powered by artificial intelligence, allowing exceptional accuracy.

Used by the German Federal Criminal Police

Trusted and evaluated by the forensic experts from the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany (Bundeskriminalamt), Phonexia Voice Biometrics technology proved itself as the most accurate speaker identification system.

Powered by State-of-the-art Deep Neural Networks

By leveraging deep neural networks, the latest generation of Phonexia Voice Biometrics called Deep Embeddings™ is the most accurate speaker identification technology available on the market. Phonexia Voice Inspector utilizes this technology and provides you with an intuitive graphical interface so that you can perform advanced forensic voice analyses with ease.

Adaptive Voice Comparison

Whether you need to verify a pair of voice recordings against each other (1:1 identification) or search for a speaker within multiple audio files (1:N identification), Phonexia Voice Inspector allows you to do both so that you can choose the right approach necessary for your case.

Language Independent

Compare voice recordings regardless of their language and eliminate the need to hire a dedicated linguist specialized in a particular language as Phonexia Voice Inspector can identify the speaker’s unique voiceprint in any language, making forensic analysis more efficient.

Automated Unbiased Analysis

Reinforce your forensic claim with an objective voice analysis done in Phonexia Voice Inspector natively using Phonexia Deep Embeddings™—the latest generation of automatic speaker identification technology powered by deep neural networks to provide high accuracy.

Multiple File Search

Analyze large amounts of audio recordings with ease using Phonexia Voice Inspector’s built-in ability to search for identical phoneme sequences across multiple voice recordings so that you can work more effectively and provide forensic voice analysis on time.

Wave Editor

Cut through the noise quickly with Phonexia Voice Inspector’s Wave Editor, which lets you automatically detect the audio parts containing speech, flag the recordings unsuitable for voice analysis due to their noise level, display a spectrogram for more detailed analysis, and much more.

Easy Case Management

Stay on top of every forensic case with straightforward management of audio files, population sets, and corresponding notes so that you can progress through each investigation systematically and with confidence that all case-relevant files are always in one place ready for analysis.

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