Phonexia Speech Platform for Government

Analyze and detect threats fast with the power of Voice Biometrics and Speech Analytics technology. Quickly identify keywords in speech, speakers, languages, and other demographic data in a massive number of audio recordings. Spend more time on tactical and strategical analysis instead of listening to audio recordings
Phonexia Speech Platform Features

Stay Ahead of Crime with Voice and Speech Technologies

Powered by state-of-the-art deep neural networks, Phonexia Speech Platform is an extremely fast and accurate Voice Biometrics and Speech Analytics solution for human speech analysis. Offered as an on-premise, fully scalable modular solution, it meets the highest data security standards and allows the seamless integration into existing systems via a REST API.

Increased Monitored Calls

Automatically analyze and separate irrelevant calls from high priority ones based on the desired dialect, suspicious keywords, topics and speakers, and achieve a dramatic increase in the number of monitored calls and detected threats within vast quantities of audio recordings.

Rapid Audio Filtering

Spend time only on related audio recordings. Our advanced set of technologies, such as audio quality estimation, voice detection, language, gender and speaker identification, allow you to filter your audio data rapidly to find that needle in the haystack.

Focus on Investigation

Speed up investigations by reducing the distractions and delays caused by manual listening to audio recordings. Analyze audio recordings automatically and with much higher precision so that your investigation teams can remain focused and gather intel faster.

Independent Company

Founded as a university spinoff in 2006, Phonexia—the EU-based privately held company with a transparent shareholder structure—maintains its very close relations with university research so it can provide the best Voice Biometrics and Speech Analytics solutions in the industry.

Used Technologies

Speaker Identification

Recognizes a speaker based on their voice biometrics, regardless of the words, language, and dialect spoken.

Language identification

Recognizes the language and dialect of a speaker based on their speech, regardless of the words spoken.

Gender Identification

Recognizes whether a person is a male or female based on their voice, regardless of the words and language spoken.

Age Estimation

Estimates the age group of a speaker based on their voice, regardless of the words and language spoken.

Keyword Spotting

Detects if selected keywords occur in speech, and if they do, marks their exact location in the speech.

Speech Transcription

Converts speech into plain text format, supporting automatic transcription from 14 languages out of the box.

Speaker Diarization

Identifies how many speakers are speaking in an audio recording and labels their appearances in the speech.

Voice Activity Detection

Detects which parts of audio recordings contain speech, marking the exact position of speech and non-speech content.

Speech Quality Estimation

Measures the quality of speech in audio recordings, considering various parameters such as noise levels.