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USB 3.0 WriteBlocker

Fast forensic access to USB 3.0 storage devices with USB 3.0 WriteBlocker

  • Native USB 3.0 write blocking
  • Reliable evidence protection
  • USB 3.0 throughput speeds
  • Full-speed simultaneous write blocking of two hard drives

Digital forensics investigators, lawyers, and corporate IT staff who want to view, examine, and image drives quickly and easily, look to the CRU® WiebeTech® USB 3.0 WriteBlocker™ to ensure they are protecting and not altering data.

WriteBlocker (Source)

The handheld and lightweight USB 3.0 WriteBlocker connects over USB 3 to allow investigators and technicians to look through the contents of a drive without risking any damage or disruption of source data. To use, simply use the included USB 3.0 cable to connect USB 3.0 WriteBlocker to the drive or drives you wish to inspect.

Additional WriteBlocker features:

  • Bus powered
  • Status LED indicates if drive is safe to inspect
  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty
  • Free, US-based customer support

The WiebeTech WriteBlocking Validation Utility, our complimentary Windows application, tests the reliability of any write blocker available, hardware or software.

WriteBlocker (Host)

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