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Mobile forensic portable package with MD-LIVE for the first responder or triage at the crime scene

MD-PORTABLE supports an immediate response to field requests by faster and selective collection of evidence data via MD-LIVE. Triage of mobile evidence and selective acquisition without privacy disclosure can be available with MD-LIVE.

Specification Product Highlight

Portable mobile live forensic tool for on-site use

  • Portable tablet with MD-LIVE software supports rapid response onsite and data acquisition on the move

Supports faster and secured forensic process

  • Fast acquisition of selective data using MD-LIVE to secure the privacy of phone owner

Mirroring and remote control of smartphone display

  • Smartphone screen mirroring and remote control can be used when smartphone display is broken or the prevention of unwanted operation on the phone.
  • The mirrored screen can be captured and also recorded as an evidence

Screen recording of MD-LIVE software

  • PC screen of MD-LIVE can be recording for reproduction and verification of the forensic process

External camera for Chain of Custody

  • Photographing evidence and recording of investigation process with external camera for Chain of Custody

Supports all the necessary live forensic accessories

  • USB cables, External camera, Tablet, Portable carrier
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