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With AVACS 5 you can view hours of video footage in just minutes. You determine what you want to see and the area you need to see it in, for instance by selecting a region of interest. AVACS 5 then registers all movement within the region of interest and ignores movement outside the area. The program summarizes the movements that satisfy the determined criteria, such as size, duration or direction. The program can even identify license plates. Each summary is saved as a new file in a generic format, so that the images can be viewed on any computer without the need for specific software.

Processing video material is a cumbersome process involving the manual copying of the original material, the calculation of HASH codes, the distribution of the material, the analysis of the images, and the drawing up of reports. Each police force uses different processes and systems, and they’re not integrated with each other. AVACS 5 brings the whole process together in a single tool.

Although different types of recorders are used by the police and security services, AVACS 5 has the advantage of being compatible with practically any of the systems. And it’s simple to use, so only a brief introductory session is needed before getting on with the work. No technical knowledge is needed.

AVACS5 is available in different versions to match your need, including a teamwork version enabling multiple investigators to work simultaneously on the same case.

AVACS Helps to reduce weeks to hours

  • With AVACS, the computer and officer collaborate
  • The computer “looks” for movement in the footage…
  • …the officer looks for interesting clues in these scenes
  • AVACS creates a summary containing only relevant images for further investigation
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