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Bodycam Starter Package Zepcam

ZEPCAM Starter Package

The ZEPCAM Starter Package is your turnkey, scalable starter kit, providing everything you need to go about your business with a secure body-worn video system suitable for 1-4 users. Build your own body camera set-up by adding more body cameras and/or multiplying the package!

Our user-friendly and easy to implement mobile video solutions contain all the necessary features to make the work of frontline professionals safer and easier.

Our body camera solutions are developed in close collaboration with international law enforcement organisations. They are used in more than 40 countries by more than 400 highly demanding customers such as the police force, the public transportation business, fire departments, medical emergency services and industry field workers.

What’s Inside?

  • ZEPCAM T2+ Body Camera (1-4 units) capturing high-quality video, audio and GPS.
  • 4-bay ZEPCAM Smart Docking Station enabling data buffering for network capacity optimisation and economic body camera battery recharging.
  • Magnet Mounts (1-4 units) with Tilt Studs.
  • ZEPCAM Manager Software for video, user, device and storage management.
  • Cloud Licenses for data storage and to manage all your body cameras remotely.
  • 30 minutes online user instruction by ZEPCAM product specialist.
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