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The new gold standard in forensic internet and darknet analysis

A powerful server solution with pre-installed and pre-configured OSINT software, ready to work, right out of the box!

    OSINT tool, Open Source Intelligence
  • WEB INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM, to have full control over the data and have your intelligence in your premises
  • INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE, everyone who can use Google, can start working with WEB-i-QUBE VOYAGER!

Esquema web-i-qube

The software

Everyone who can use Google can start working with Voyager. Voyager JEDI supports full text search and advanced filtering like date range queries, geo location filters, category selections on documents, images, videos, posts, user profiles, websites etc.

WEB-i-QUBE Voyager Jedi

Visual User Interface for Exploring Datasets

Voyager JEDI provides an intuitive visual user interface for exploring datasets. It allows users to search, filter, drill-down and explore documents and entities and discover relations.

An overview of your key metrics on one page. Each team can create custom dashboards to keep track of their most important insights and trends, across the dataset. All dashboard widgets support for drill-down to the underlying data for further analysis Visualizing entities and their relations is the key to understanding networks. Need to know if two people are connected? Want to discover the central person in a network? Interested in how profiles are connected to threat signals? Voyager reconstructs social graphs by extracting entity and relation information from many different sources. It visualizes the entities and their relations, allows for relational queries and offers ad-hoc network analyses.

Keep track of your work. Voyager JEDI comes with a light-weight case management system which allows you to keep track and collaborate. Important information can be bookmarked as evidence. All activity within a case is logged for later reference.

Interfaz de web-i-qube

WEB-I-QUBE Voyager Team Suite

Access to multiple data sets | Restricted to 20 users | Search, explore and case management

The hardware

WEB-i-QUBE Voyager Server

Analysis, storage, crawling, user interface and API

To run Voyager on your own scalable infrastructure and have full control over all aspects of the web intelligence platform. Available as a Single Team license or Enterprise License. Includes dedicated training and technical and intel support.

To use all the advantages of an investigation software, it is necessary to have high-end hardware at your disposal. On the one hand to maximize the processing speed and on the other hand to have a rapid data transfer. But often there is no dedicated server room to assure powerful operation. This is why mh Service has developed a special and powerful server dedicated for the Voyager software.

It offers the full power of a server, whilst being optimized for use in the office, thanks to its small dimensions and low volume working level

WEB-i-QUBE Voyager Server is available as desktop or 19´rackserver.

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