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UFED 4PC Logical/Ultimate

The UFED Software-based Mobile Forensic Solution

UFED 4PC brings the power of Cellebrite’s renowned UFED mobile forensic tools to your work station.

  • All-in-one mobile forensic solution adding flexibility and convenience to investigations
  • Unrivaled support for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry® devices
  • Trusted UFED technology providing users with all  physical, le system and logical extraction capabilities
  • Custom boot loaders ensure forensically soundextractions
  • Simultaneous operations; extraction, decoding andanalysis can be carried out at the same time, on a single platform
  • Streamlined work flow – UFED 4PC software, UFED Physical/Logical Analyzer, UFED Phone Detective and UFED Reader
  • Easily integrates with the user’s customized work environment
  • Unique evidence verification engine enables validation of recovered artifacts
  • User-friendly UI
  • Frequent updates to ensure compatibility with new phones as they enter the market
  • UFED 4PC comes with a compact and lightweight case
  • UFED 4PC extraction software is touch screen enabled, allowing easy use on tablets At a Glance

UFED 4PC Capabilities with an Ultimate License:

  • Physical extraction and decoding while bypassing pattern lock / password / PIN from Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S family, LG, HTC, Motorola, and more
  • Physical extraction from BlackBerry devices running OS 4-7, and 10. Exclusive decoding: BBM data, apps, emails, Bluetooth and more
  • Widest support for extraction and decoding from Apple devices running iOS3+
  • Physical extraction and decoding from locked Nokia BB5 devices – password extraction from selected devices
  • Unrivalled access to locked devices by bypassing, revealing or disabling the user lock code
  • File system extraction from any device running Windows phone 7.5 and 8 including Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Huawei and ZTE
  • Most powerful solution for physical extraction from phones with Chinese chipsets
  • TomTom® trip-log decryption, and data extraction from other portable GPS devices
  • Rich set of decoding: Apps data, passwords, emails, call history, SMS, contacts, calendar, media ¬les, location information etc.
  • Comprehensive analysis capabilities including timeline, project analytics, malware detection, and watch list
  • Easy-to-read report generator in a variety of formats using the UFED Physical Analyzer

UFED 4PC Capabilities with a Logical License:

  • Logical extraction of data: Apps data, passwords, IM (instant messaging), contacts, SMS & MMS, emails, calendar, multimedia, call logs, phone details (IMEI/ESN), ICCID and IMSI, SIM location information (TMIS, MCC,MNC,LAC)
  • Forensic cloning of SIM ID to isolate the phone from network activity during analysis
  • Frequent software updates to ensure compatibility with new phones as they are introduced to the market
  • Rich set of analysis features including timeline, project analytics and watch list
  • Flexible report generation and customization supporting different report formats using UFED Logical Analyzer.
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