Tableau Password Recovery – TPR

Unlock Password-protected Data Quickly and Easily

Eliminate one of the most common and frustrating delays in digital investigations with Tableau Password Recovery. Whether working on security, law enforcement, or e-discovery investigations, Tableau Password Recovery streamlines and accelerates the process of identifying and unlocking password-protected files. Having access to the information in these files will provide vital evidence for investigations and help bring cases to a faster close.

TACC is Back! Leverage the Combined Power of Tableau TACC2 Hardware and Passware Software

Based on the popular first- generation TACC, Tableau Password Recovery is powered by four Tableau field-programmable gate array (FPGA) hardware accelerator version 2 cards (TACC2). These TACC2 cards were purpose-built to accelerate hash calculations of dictionary and brute-force password attacks for the industry-leading password recovery software, Passware.

Work Faster Using a Seamless Workflow

Tableau Password Recovery integrates directly with EnCase® Forensic, EnCase® eDiscovery, and EnCase® Endpoint Security. An EnCase plugin, called the Password Recovery Assistant, simplifies the process of submitting protected files, unlocking them, and updating the active case with the newly unlocked data and the corresponding password with just a few clicks.

Tableau Password Recovery

Leave the Problems of CPU and GPU-based Solutions Behind

No more worries about system resource demands, cumbersome workflows, or the prohibitive expense and driver maintenance of GPU-based solutions. Tableau Password Recovery is:

  • Fast: Accelerate password recovery at speeds up to 175 times faster than CPU-based solutions
  • Powerful: Powered by four Tableau TACC2 cards as well as the industry’s leading password recovery software, Passware
  • Scalable: Multiple deployments of Tableau Password Recovery can work in parallel to provide a linear increase in performance for further password recovery acceleration
  • Energy-efficient: Tableau Password Recovery consumes only as much energy as a typical workstation, and less than one-third the energy of competing GPU-based solutions, allowing for low operating costs and better server-cage management
  • Flexible: With free software updates, Tableau Password Recovery will support accelerating additional file types without needing any future hardware requirements

Performance Benchmarks