T35es-R2 eSATA

Established the standard by which all other SATA and IDE write blockers are measured. Recently updated with new electronics, the T35es-R2 offers forensic professionals the same great performance, ease of use, and reliability in a package suitable for both field and lab acquisitions.

T35es-R2 is built for write-blocked acquisitions of either SATA or IDE hard-drives. With the T35es-R2, you’ll have a robust write-blocking using any one of the four different host computer connection options: eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400, and USB. The eSATA host computer connection is recommended for maximum data transfer speeds.

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Product eSATA Forensic Bridge
Tableau Model T35es-R2/T35es-R2-RW
Connectors: Host Side
eSATA One eSATA Signal Connector
FireWire Two 9-pin FireWire800 (1394B)
One 6-pin FireWire400 (1394A)
USB One USB Mini-B (5 pin, USB2.0 high/full/low speed)
DC Input DC In: 5-pin Mini-DIN connector for use with Tableau TP2 power supply
Connectors: Device Side
SATA SATA Signal Connector
IDE IDE Signal Connector
DC Output 4-pin male «drive power» connector (power to SATA or IDE hard disk)
Power Button Toggles DC power for T35es-R2 and T35es-R2-RW
DIP Switch 4-position DIP switch configures user-selectable options
(DIP Switches can be accessed by removing a knock-out panel on the side of the T35es-R2 case)
Other Features
Status LEDs 7 LEDs: DC IN good, Power ON, IDE drive detected, SATA drive detected, Host connected, Write-block enabled, Drive activity
Factory Configuration Black-case units are configured as read-only (model T35es-R2)
Yellow-case units are configured as read-write (model T35es-R2-RW)
SATA Devices SATA 1 or SATA 2 hard disk devices
IDE Devices Parallel ATA hard disk devices with LBA (Logical Block Addressing) support
Host Interface eSATA, FireWire800/400, and USB 2.0
Host O/S Windows XP/2000/newer, Macintosh OS X, most Linux distributions (note: Linux distributions have varying levels and quality of support for FireWire 1394 A/B and USB2.0)
Physical / Environmental
Power 5-6 watts typical operating (not including hard disk)
Supply voltage (DC IN) +5VDC @ 2A, +12VDC @ 2A (includes budget for hard disk)
Output voltage (DC OUT) +5VDC @ 1A, +12VDC @ 1A
Dimensions 5.75 in. (L) x 3.25 in. (W) x 1.125 in. (H)
Weight 6.1oz (172g)
Operating temperature range 0 to 55 degrees C (no airflow)
Storage temperature range -40 to 70 degrees C
Relative humidity Up to 90% (non-condensing)
Warranty One years parts and workmanship from date of purchase