Intella Pro

Intella Pro is designed to be an email investigation and e-discovery tool. It is ideally suited for use by enterprise, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies in civil, criminal, or policy-related investigations. Intella is an excellent tool to prepare electronically stored information for discovery. Intella’s powerful indexing search engine and its unique visual presentation will let you quickly and easily search and review email and electronically stored information to find critical evidence and visualize relevant relationships.

With Intella, you can…

  • Gain deeper insight through visualizations and statistics.
  • Search email, attachments, archives, headers, and metadata.
  • Drill deeply using Intella’s unique facets.
  • Group and trace email conversations.
  • Reveal the social graph of a person or group of persons of interest.
  • Preview, cull, and deduplicate email and data.
  • Export results in a variety of formats for reporting, follow-up investigation, e-discovery, or later use.

Intella Cluster Map

Intella indexes all places where you expect valuable information and provides powerful means for retrieving that information. The important advantage over similar tools is that Intella presents the search results using facets, Cluster Maps and Social Graphs. Facets allow you to find items based on more than just keywords and the visualizations provided by the Cluster Maps and Social Graphs allow you to see how files and emails are related to your query.

The birds-eye view helps you gain insight in information that is available on combinations of keywords. In each step of your search it shows the number of emails or files that match your search (and of course a link to the emails and files themselves) so that you can effectively zoom in to find what you are looking for.

Setting up Intella on your computer takes little time. Install the software, define the sources to search and explore and let Intella index the sources. Searching with Intella is also easy. Start as if you are using a familiar search engine by entering a search term, or choose any value from the information facets. Let Intella help you to refine your question with a list of suggested refinements.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use interface means cutting down on training expenses and time and allows a broad group of investigators to join in an investigation.
  • Visualizations of search results provide you with deeper insight. See how files, emails and cellphone items relate to parts of your query.
  • Facets, like Type, Date, and Language, help you to drill down to the wanted information and to focus on the information you need.
  • Search email attachments and archives such as zip files.
  • Searching is simple and requires very little training.
  • Export the search results for later use and for creation of reports.

Social Map

Supported sources

  • File or Folder:  Files on local and network file systems can be indexed by Intella.
  • Load files: Intella can index load files that are stored in Concordance, Relativity and CSV format.
  • Hotmail Search Warrant Result: Intella can index the mail packages delivered by Microsoft when responding to a search warrant.
  • Disk images: Intella can open disk image files in EnCase and DD formats and index their contents as if they were mounted and indexed as a regular Folder source. No recovery of items from unallocated or slack space is performed.
  • IMAP account: Intella is able to access an email accounts on an IMAP email server and index emails and attachments. Versions: Intella was tested on several IMAP servers with good results. However, we cannot guarantee that Intella is able to create IMAP account sources for every IMAP email server.
  • MS Exchange EDB Archive (experimental): Use this option to index an MS Exchange EDB files and restrict indexing to a specific set of mailboxes. Indexing an EDB file in its entirety can be done by using the File or Folder source type.

Cluster Map Sets