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Detego Ballistic Imager

The Detego Ballistic Imager solution is the world’s fastest patented forensic imaging tool and an obvious choice for the time-pressured investigations often encountered by police, military and intelligence agencies.
Detego Ballistic Imagers’ field-proven and unique capabilities offer imaging speeds 4x faster than the average, significantly minimising acquisitiontimes. Also, as standard, Ballistic comes with Detego® Analyse, the command centre for all of your cases and exhibits where further inspection of the collected data can be carried out.


Detego® Ballistic Imager is a patented solution for imaging a hard drive using multiple collection devices. This pioneering design, developed in-house by our technical team, bypasses the hardware limitations that come from acquiring data using a single port. Also, our intelligent system allows for data collectors to be added and removed at any point of the imaging process without erasing the information already acquired. Once the data has been collected, it’s seamlessly stitched together so further analyse can be conducted within Detego® Analyse. These fast imaging speeds are achieved without the imaged machine’s hard drive being removed.


  • Law enforcement
  • Covert operations
  • Surveillance
  • Border security
  • Sensitive sites
  • Tactical media exploitation
  • Corporate investigations

In all the above deployment scenarios, time constraints require rapid imaging and ease of use.


Specifically designed to combat the main obstacles faced by investigators, the Detego® Ballistic Imager software can be licenced to removable storage devices, providing a pocket-sized acquisition tool perfect for frontline agents, and features an intuitive interface that’s easily operated by nontechnical users within a quick 30-minute training overhead.


When imaging a drive you will achieve different speeds depending on the target devices specification. A brand new SSD machine with USB C and eSata ports will image significantly quicker than a 5-year-old HDD machine. Regardless of the machine specification, Detego® Ballistic is sure to image quicker than any other solution on the market.
Here are the average speeds that you can expect for a midspec device:

The mid-level specification of the 512GB and 1TB machines are below:

  • Dell Latitude, 512GB Drive, SSD, USB C = 12 mins 59 secs
  • Dell Latitude, 1TB Drive, SSD, USB C = 25 mins 47 secs


  • World’s fastest imaging solution.
  • Forensically sound with MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 hash validation.
  • Recover deleted data.
  • No need to remove the hard drive.
  • Fits in your pocket.

An intelligence agency using our Ballistic Imager was able to achieve a forensic image of a 1TB hard drive in 7 minutes 43 seconds. The agency was imaging a highly specced M2 PCI-E Solid State Drive (SSD) and imaging to multiple SSDs connected via USB C ports.

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