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SV Burner Breaker

The only system in the world capable of breaking pincodes on burner/throw-away phones and non-USB OTG compliant Android phones. This product allows access to thousands of locked phones in which no other provider on the planet can gain access to. These phones include the most popular “burner and throw-away” phones used by criminals as well as pre-paid phones found in the most popular retail locations.

SV Burner Breaker

Burner Breaker Specs

  • Various hardware solutions available all weighing less than 20 lbs
  • Burner Breaker has multiple speeds to allow for faster acquisitions
  • Burner Breaker software is fully upgradable
  • SV Strike and Secure View hardware/software is included with Burner Breaker purchase giving user logical and physical acquisition capability
  • Software is preprogrammed for various phone types and can be programmable by user for newer phone models.
  • Dimensions vary depending on hardware
  • Only available to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies

SV Burner Breaker 2016

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