Talon Ultimate

Designed for field or forensic lab use, the Talon® Ultimate delivers advanced, high-performance forensic imaging at a budget-friendly price. Featuring a compact footprint, user-friendly navigation and unbeatable imaging speed, the Talon Ultimate continues the proud legacy of previous generations of the Talon® forensic imaging solutions. Engineered specifically for digital forensic investigators, the Talon Ultimate meets all of your forensic imaging, hashing and wiping requirements.


  • Fast forensic imaging at 40GB/min
  • Broad interface support includes SATA, USB3 and IDE. Optional support for SAS and FireWire available.
  • Image & verify from 1 source to up to 3 destinations. The optional Multi Task feature provides multi-source imaging and multi-tasking.
  • AES 256 bit Encryption. Decrypt using Talon. Ultimate or open source VeraCrypt software
  • Web-based user-friendly interface. Allows remote access using a web browser
  • PCIe support: support for imaging from M.2 PCIe and PCIe express cards.

Talon Ultimate (2)

Imaging ports

  • 5 X souuce ports (write-protected)
    • 1 SATA / SAS (SAS optional)
    • 2nd SATA/SAS-Ready port activated with purchase of Multi-Task option
    • 1 USB 3.0 can be converted to SATA with the USB to SATA apdater
    • 1 FireWire (optional)
    • 1 PCIe slot

  • 4 X destination ports
    • 2 SATA/SAS (SAS optional)
    • 1 USB 3.0 – can be converted to SATA with the USB to SATA adapter
    • 1 FireWire (optional)


  • Multi-Task Option. Software option activates a 2nd SATA/SAS-Ready source port. Provides ability to image multiple source drives to multiple destinations simultaneously. Includes 1 SAS/SATA cable
  • SAS Source Option1. Software option enables SAS support on source drive
  • SAS Source Option2. Software option enables SAS support on both source and destination drives
  • FireWire Source/Destination Option. Software option enables FireWire ports activation. Includes 1 FW cable, an off-the-shelf Thunderbolt to FW cable is required for MACs with a Thunderbolt port.
  • USB 3.0 Device Port Option. Software option activates USB3.0 port to allow previewing drives from a laptop/PC. Includes USB device cable. Users can also copy files from drives to their PC when this option is enabled.
  • USB 3.0 4-port hub
  • USB to SATA adapter allows you to connect SATA drives to the USB3 ports
  • microSATA to SATA adapter
  •  1.8” IDE to SATA, 1.8” ZIF adapters
  • eSATA to SATA cable
  • mSATA to SATA adapter
  • Flash media reader
  • 18” extended length SAS/SATA cable set
  • Extended 1 year and 2 year warranties
  • Soft-sided carrying bag
  • Hard case (Pelican-type)