Talon Enhanced

The next generation of the world’s most widely used forensic imaging solution on the market, the Talon® Enhanced delivers fast forensic imaging at over 7GB/min and is ruggedized and field-ready to meet harsh field conditions, including military and combat areas. A compact and portable device the Talon Enhanced is engineered specifically for digital forensic investigations in the field or in the lab. Simple to deploy and easy to use for first responders and non-technical users, the Talon Enhanced doesn’t scrimp on the features advanced users require.


Capture To Two Destination Drives

The Talon Enhanced features the ability to capture from one source drive to one destination drive, or one source drive to two destination drives. SATA or IDE Source drive and SATA destination support is built-in. IDE destination drives require an IDE to SATA adapter (F-ADP-IDE).

Rugged & Field-Ready

A ruggedized, scratch-resistant exterior and impact resistant display to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in field investigations, including military and combat arenas.
h3>Data Transfer Rate

The Talon Enhanced captures at speeds over 7GB/min (using standard off the shelf hard drives)

DD Images

Captures a suspect drive to multiple DD images files.

E01 Evidence File Format and Compression

The E01 file format support allows users to capture hard disk drive data directly into the E01 format. Supports Encase® v6.x and FTK® v3.x and above. Features hardware-based compression to maintain line-speed performance and MD5 hash authentication.

100% Write Protection

Provides 100% write-protection (source drives) – Use the Talon Enhanced as an external write-blocker for easy drive preview/image transfer without additional write-block hardware

NTFS File Format

NTFS file format for support of 2TB and greater capacity hard drives and for support of single, disk-wide dd image capture; capture a full disk with a single segment file.

Language Support

Menu support for Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional) and Spanish languages

Compatible With Self-Encrypting Drives

The Talon Enhanced can be used with Self-Encrypting hard disk drives. Using hardware-based encryption, (encryption resides on the disk drive subsystem) provides a more secure method of encryption. Using the ATA security command feature of the Talon Enhanced, users can set password and lock evidence drives

Proprietary O/S

Virus vulnerability is virtually eliminated with Logicube’s proprietary operating system.

Drive Interface Support

Built-in support for SATA/IDE drives, optional adapters available for IDE laptop drives.

MD5 and SHA-256 Authentication

Uses the highest level of authentication computing MD5 and SHA-256 hash concurrently in real time at full capturing speed.

Support for SCSI and SAS Drives (optional)

SCSI and SAS drives are supported with optional adapters.

High-Speed USB Drive Acquisition (optional)

Optional support for USB 2.0 acquisition speeds (up to 1.5GB/min) of USB enclosures, USB thumb/flash drives. Requires the purchase of a software key code to activate software and either the SCSI or SAS adapter for USB plug-in.

Support for eSATA, MicroSATA, mSATA (optional)

Support for eSATA, MicroSATA, mSATA hard drives is available with optional cables/adapters.

Capture and Authenticate

Capture and authenticate at speeds over 7GB/min (speeds will vary depending on type and size of drives).

Field ToughKit

The Talon Enhanced Field ToughKit includes a hard-sided, rugged carrying case, along with a variety of drive adapters, including the SAS adapter with the high-speed USB acquisition software option. A comprehensive forensic kit ready for in-the-field data capture.

Drive Spanning

Capture from one large suspect drive to two smaller evidence drives.

eSATA port

A built-in eSATA port provides fast transfer of data to a PC post-capture


Fast transfer of data to a network location is capable with the optional NETConnect® Module (kit version)Security SystemFeatures a password-based security system (based on the ATA security specification T13) to protect evidence drives from unauthorized access. Two security levels, High or Maximum, are featured and users can set a Master along with a User password.

Advanced Keyword Search

Search for hundreds of words while capturing at full speed. Store multiple groups of pre-defined keyword lists on compact flash. Retrieve search results directly to Windows. Search for suspect names, phone numbers, and any other incriminating information. Add new words while in the field, using the built-in keypad.

Touch Screen Display

Uses a touch screen with an easy-to-use interface to provide easy navigation.

Capture via USB

Capture directly from a desktop/laptop and from MAC computers (via PC interface) with the Forensic USB Cloning Software. Software CD-ROM is included with the Forensic Talon Enhanced data capture solution.

Integrated Keypad

A fully integrated QWERTY alphanumeric keypad is featured for easy entry of file names, user credentials, keyword searches, passwords and other data entry functions.

Erase Feature

Can perform a standard wipe, DoD wipe or a high-speed Secure Erase (if drive model supports it) of the destination drive.

Resume Feature

During an E01 capture the Talon Enhanced provides a “resume” feature; if the capture process is interrupted the Talon Enhanced will resume the unfinished capture.

Save Configuration Setting

Includes a Save Configuration Setting that allows the operator to save frequent used capture settings. Settings will be saved from last capture session.

Solid State Drivesh3>
Supports solid state drives.

4K Sector Drives

Compatible with 4K Sector Advanced Format Hard Disk Drives.

Audit Trail Reporting

Generate and write to compact flash for review and printing.

Unidirectional Data Transfer

Copies only from the external data source to prevent inadvertent over-writing or corruption of a suspect’s drive. This ensures that the captured image will meet the requirements of law enforcement, corporate security, and cyber crime investigation and prosecution.Battery Pack (optional)An optional rechargeable battery provides untethered use of Talon Enhanced.

HPA And DCO Capture

Detect and capture Host Protected Areas (HPA) and Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) hidden areas on the source (suspect) drive.

Compact Size

The Talon Enhanced is light weight, less than 1.5lbs (.680kg) and features a small footprint of 6″ X 9″ X 2.7″ (15.24cm X 22.86cm X 6.8cm)

One-year Standard Warranty

The system comes complete with a one year parts and labor warranty. Both an optional 1 year extended warranty ( total of 2 years) and a 2 year extended warranty (total of 3 years) are available.

Audit Trail Report

The Talon Enhanced will generate a time-stamped audit trail report that is saved to the embedded CF Card in Talon Enhanced.

In The Box

The Talon Enhanced standalone version includes a molded soft carrying case, power supply, a set of 5′ and 9″ IDE data and power cables, two 9″ SATA data/power cables, eSATA to eSATA cable, USB mini cable, compact flash card and CD-ROM with software and a users manual.

The Talon Enhanced Field ToughKit includes all of the above, along with 18″ extended length IDE and SATA cables, 1.8″, 2.5″ and 1.8″ ZIF IDE adapters, microSATA and eSATA cables, a SAS Adapter for support for capture from SAS drives, high-speed USB drive acquisition software key code to enable the capture of USB enclosures and thumb/flash drives through the SAS adapter.