OmniClone 10Xi

The Logicube® OmniClone®10Xi is a high-speed production-grade hard drive duplication system.
This ten-target system supports UDMA-5 transfer speeds and clones SATA and IDE drives. Advanced software options provide a variety of cloning methods including MasterManager™ and Selective Partitions™. This workhorse solution can clone thousands of hard drives a day. Easy to use the OmniClone 10Xi has quality and reliability built-in for all your large volume duplication tasks.


Hard Drive Duplication

Ten target, IDE/SATA hard drive to hard drive duplication. Support for IDE/SATA hard drives is built-in, optional adapters for 2.5″/1.8″/ZIF IDE drives are available.

Brand unimportant

Master & target drives can be different sizes, brands, & models.

Data Transfer Rate

The OmniClone 10Xi clones hard drives at speeds up to 4GB/min.

USB Connectivity

Integrated USB port allows users to connect the OmniClone directly to any PC that runs Windows,providing the ability to modify, defragment, reformat and manage the master drive contents.

eSATA, microSATA, mSATA Support (optional)

Supports eSATA and 1.8″ microSATA and mSATA hard drives with optional cables/adapters.

Solid State Drives

The OmniClone supports solid state drives.

4K Sector Drives

Compatible with 4K Sector Advanced Format Hard Disk Drives.

Mirror Copy

Simple sector-by-sector copying for all partition types (includes proprietary O/S, e.g. Mac, Linux, Unix, Sun, support). Mirror cloning recommended for all proprietary OS along with the following; Mac, Linux, Unix, Sun & OS6.


CleverCopy technology copies only data areas and skips blank sectors. It also scales master partitions to precisely fit the target, making all the necessary adjustments on-the-fly. CleverCopy supports DOS, Windows 95/98/NT/ME/SE/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8 based systems. CleverCopy automatically scales FAT16/32. CleverCopy technology for NTFS file systems is available with the NTFS CleverCopy software option. For Windows 7 & 8 O/S Logicube’s optional Selective Partitions software is required if Master and Target drives are different sizes. Refer to the Logicube Windows 7 & 8 Cloning Guide for instructions and details.

Light Stack

The Omniclone 10Xi offers a standard tri-color visual light stack which is attached directly to the unit chassis. The light stack colors represent ongoing status visibility which frees up the user for additional workloads.

Target Drive Structures

Adjusts all necessary target drive structures to ensure target will boot (e.g. Windows 95/98/ME/SE/NT/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8).

O/S Independent

Clone any operating system. Scales DOS, FAT 16/32 & NTFS. Compatible with all operating systems including Windows 7 & 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Please refer to Logicube’s Windows 7 & 8 Cloning Guide for limitations with some cloning methods and Windows 7 & 8.

Images any Operating System

The system supports DOS, FAT16/32 & NTFS file-systems. CRC 16 verification for all partition types during UDMA transfer selection. Includes mirror cloning support for proprietary O/S, Mac, Linux, Unix, Sun, & OS6.

Verification Station™ (Option)

This optional feature provides added security for sensitive data duplication-clone and verify exact replication of source drive using MD5 hash algorithm.

Panasonic Toughbook Enclosures

Logicube solutions can be used with Panasonic Toughbook enclosures. A Panasonic SATA Adapter is required. This adapter can be purchased through online retailers. Contact Panasonic directly for information on this adapter. Part Number: CF-K30JG001. Description: CF-30/19/74/52 HDD Connector.

Paper White Fine Touch Screen

Intuitive navigation is easy with a sealed, “paper-white” fine-touch screen. Allows for easy data and text entry and allows the user to edit volume labels, enter passwords and store pre-defined settings.

Cooling Fan

A built-in cooling fan ensure that there will be no data loss due to drive overheating.

System Compact Flash Card

A built-in compact flash card provides an easy method for software updates.

Comprehensive Diagnostics (optional)

OmniDiagnostic™. Scan a drive for bad or weak sectors. Repair bad or weak sectors. Wipe a drive clean up to a 7 pass DOD specification.

Database Software (Optional)

Enables the user to scan and log hard drive cloning sessions.

Serial Remote Link (Optional)

Gives users the ability to receive commands from a PC, controlling the OmniClone from a remote terminal. Includes a 3 meter serial link cable.

Free Software Updates & Technical Support

Free lifetime software updates & phone technical support.

One-year Standard Warranty

The system comes complete with a one year parts and labor warranty. Both an optional 1 year extended warranty (total of 2 years) and a 2 year extended warranty (total of 3 years) are available.