Nuix Insight Adaptive Security

Nuix Insight Adaptive Security is an integrated endpoint defense solution for prevention, detection, response, remediation, and deception. It leverages an intelligent endpoint agent to continuously monitor and record activity across the enterprise—protecting your organization from advanced attackers, failed perimeters, and the shifting threat landscape.

What is adaptive security?

An adaptive security architecture model proposes that the traditionally siloed capabilities of prevention, detection, response, and prediction should work intelligently together as an integrated, adaptive security workflow. This offers a complete protection process for advanced threats.

The concept of adaptive security has existed in the defense community for years. However, previous attempts to apply this layered security approach have involved ineffectively cobbling together overlapping software tools. This created unnecessary work that ultimately increased risk rather than reducing it.

Nuix Insight Adaptive Security was designed from its inception as a full-spectrum solution, tightly integrated and scalable. By replacing multiple agent-based products with a single solution, security operation centers can achieve better results without slowing down productivity on endpoints.

Disrupt Earlier in the Kill Chain

Security incidents happen, but data compromise doesn’t have to. Nuix Insight Adaptive Security continuously monitors activity on endpoints—straight from the kernel—to detect and block malicious processes the instant they try to invade the enterprise. It also analyzes unknown processes and terminates those that exhibit bad behaviors, keeping you safe even before you knew you were in danger.

Reduce Your Attack Surface

The enemy is constantly modifying its tactics; so should you. Nuix Insight Adaptive Security is built to protect your enterprise from different angles, learning from everything it monitors and detects to prevent future incidents. Its deception capabilities let you set fake listening services to identify external and internal attackers during the reconnaissance phase of their attacks. This helps you anticipate their tactics, limits your exposure to risk, and makes it increasingly difficult and frustrating for attackers to target your organization.

Gain Control of Your Enterprise

Nuix Insight Adaptive Security gives you the flexibility you need to access, search, filter, and organize recorded endpoint data across systems on the enterprise. This lets you prioritize events, identify vulnerabilities, and investigate incidents thoroughly. Nuix Insight Adaptive Security puts you in control of your enterprise. You can leverage our automated workflows for threat detection and response or work directly with the data for a comprehensive approach to security.

Multiple capabilities, one unified solution

Nuix Insight Adaptive Security streamlines the security workflow by delivering an integrated context-aware endpoint security solution. It closes the feedback loop between steps of the security kill chain—accelerating your time to detection and containment of incidents, and ultimately lowering your risk.

Nuix Insight Adaptive Security is a solution for prevention, detection, response, remediation, and deception

Architected for security users, by security users

Great security software isn’t built by software developers alone. The Nuix Insight Adaptive Security team has applied practical field knowledge to the product’s architecture. They have shared the lessons they learned over decades of working in security operation centers on increasing the efficiency, speed, scalability, and functionality of their security solutions.

Arquitectura de Nuix Insight Adaptive Security

Nuix Insight Adaptive Security leverages a secure, distributed endpoint communications model that accelerates the transmission of actions and search queries, quickly returning collective results back to the server. Combined with its comprehensive capabilities and superior visibility into digital facts, Nuix Insight Adaptive Security provides an unparalleled endpoint defense solution for complete protection against threats.