ImageMasster Solo 4

Designed exclusively for Forensic applications, the Image MASSter Solo-IV Forensics System is a versatile light weight, portable, high speed data acquisition device. Suspect’s data can be seized at speeds exceeding 6GB per minute. Using the unit’s on the fly hashing capabilities, the transferred data can be guaranteed to be an exact replica of the Suspect’s data without modification, re-arrangement or corruption. The unit provides Native interface support for SAS, S-ATA and External USB drives in addition to supporting P-ATA1, including ATA compatible solid state and flash devices.

Provides flexible Capture mode formats including “Segmented File” and “Mirror” image formats. Capable of capturing two Suspect drives simultaneously. The unit’s advanced touch screen user interface provides ease of use.


High Speed Operation

Transfer rates can exceed 6GB/min.

Supports Multiple Sessions:

Simultaneously seize data from two Suspect drives. Hash or Wipe drives while Seizing Data.

Multiple Media Support

Provides Native support for SATA and SAS drives, including external USB devices. Provides support for PATA and SCSI drives using optional adapters.

Multiple File Format Support

Seize Data using a “Mirror” capture format or using a “Segment” file format.

Preview Suspect’s Data

View Suspect’s Data in a write-protected environment.

Multiple Operational Modes

Seize, Hash or Wipe Data.

Multiple Hash Modes

Hash using SHA-1, SHA-2 (Hardware Accelerated), MD5, CRC32.

Write Protection

Protect Suspect drive’s data against accidental overwrites.


Sanitize drives using the DoD standard.

Log Information

Store and print detail operational Event Log and Audit Trail information.

LCD Touch Screen Display

Large, 8” Color LCD Touch Screen Display.