EnForce Risk Manager

EnForce™ Risk Manager is the only automated solution to proactively identify, categorize, and remediate private or sensitive data across the enterprise. The solution offers the deepest level of insight and control of electronic data across all endpoints, file shares, servers, and cloud repositories. This enables organizations to improve business intelligence, ensure compliance, and mitigate many types of risks.

Enforce Risk Manager: many challenges, single solution


Enforce Risk Manager enables you to identify sensitive data in vast volumes of data quickly and precisely with these features:

  • Patented Graf technology: EnForce Risk Manager allows users to identify and categorize sensitive data at the ‘paragraph-level’
  • Automated remediation: Able to view file content and remediate sensitive files from one location or every location where that information resides
  • Distributed processing: Asynchronous connections – via smart agent technology – and distributed processing allow for non-disruptive operations and enterprise scalability
  • Complete relational data intelligence: Ability to correlate sensitive data to machines, users, geo-location, and other data points provide additional context for greater insight
  • Purpose built dashboards: Tailored dashboards allow for clear review and reporting on risk distribution and reduction as sensitive data manifests throughout an organization

Sensitive data distribution with EnForce Risk Manager