EnCase Forensic 8

Making the investigator more efficient

EnCase Forensic 8 delivers the capabilities you need out of your forensic investigation with minimal additional training required. This means the training investment you made in EnCase carries forward into EnCase Forensic 8, making the transition simple. In fact, this release is 100% backwards compatible with EnCase Forensic 7, so you can work with any case, EnScript, and report template in EnCase with no conversions required. Moving to EnCase Forensic 8 has never been easier.

What’s new in EnCase Forensic 8

Project VIC Integration

With built-in integration with Project VIC, an ever growing hash library of known victims of child exploitation, you will be able to identify known victims faster allowing you to focus your efforts on finding any unknown victims of abuse, ensuring the full extent of a suspect’s criminal activity is uncovered. Additionally with this integration you can contribute your findings to Project VIC, helping all forensic examiners improve their ability to identify victims of child exploitation.

Triage reporting

With our new triage reporting feature you can quickly share a report with field investigators, district attorney, supervisors, or any other interested party. With a few simple clicks you can select the exact information for your report and generate an easy to review HTML report that can be viewed in any web browser.

Investigation Workflows

With new investigation workflows, known as Pathways, built into Forensic 8 examiners of any skill, from experts to the most junior member of the team, can complete the most common tasks associated with a triage or comprehensive investigation. With a few clicks an examiner can take a case from adding and processing evidence through creating a report of their findings. The most important part of the investigation remains the examiners ability to uncover evidence using their expertise, however with Pathways, examiners can rest assured that navigating EnCase Forensic will not slow down their progress.

The Usability You Wanted

EnCase Forensic 8 delivers the usability users have been requesting. Here are just a few of the many usability improvements you can expect:

  • Persistent blue-checks: In EnCase Forensic 8, you can now “blue-check” important files and those selections will persist no matter what screen you navigate.
  • Tree-view refresh: In EnCase Forensic 8, you will no longer need to navigate away from the entry view after hash analysis, adding a new partition, or processing your evidence to see the results of the task. With one click the refresh button your view will refresh.
  • Multi-colored sweeping bookmarks: The ability to highlight any string, create a bookmark, and then highlight a string within the bookmarked string using a different color is back. This means you can now easily hone in on a certain portion of a bookmarked string, noting its importance/relevance to the case.
  • “Fourth Pane” Condition/EnScript/Filter Management: The condition/ EnScript/filter management window, known to many as the Fourth Pane is returning. From this forth pane examiners can organize their items with folders, add/import new items, edit individual items, as well as run an item, all without navigating a drop-down menu or switching their view.
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