EnCase Endpoint Security

Encase Endpoint Security is the evolution of the two market leading solutions, EnCase Analytics and EnCase Cybersecurity, to help security teams proactively address the gaps in their security framework, detect unknown risks or threats, respond to any events for validation, and recover endpoints to a trusted state through remediation – all without the administrative and process overhead of managing two disparate solutions.
EnCase Endpoint Security

Organizations have traditionally invested a large percentage of security budget in perimeter technology designed to identify and prevent the infiltration of the “known bad.”

Despite the revenue allocated, the number of successful breaches has continually risen. The time to discovery and resolution of enterprise threats is still in the region of months while the attackers can gain access to your business systems in mere hours.

Within your enterprise you have literally billions of data points, artifacts that can be used to understand your current security posture, your potential gaps, and the hidden threats lurking unseen due to the lack of visibility. EnCase Endpoint Security enables that visibility, collecting snapshots of data (smaller than a web page in size) to provide your security team with the ability to see into the fray and extract meaningful security intelligence from the endpoints where data ultimately resides, and is the target or vehicle of every attack.

Employing EnCase® Endpoint Security while planning, implementing or optimizing a security strategy will provide your organization with the ability to understand your security posture, target security gaps, detect unknown threats and respond to any alert regardless of your current approach.

EnCase Analytics and Cybersecurity


EnCase Endpoint Security changes the security workflow from waiting for an alert to “threat hunting,” or proactively correlating endpoint data for anomalies indicative of a breach. In addition, EnCase Analytics can also identify gaps in your current security strategy, giving you a means of validating your security policies are being enforced and exposing areas not covered by existing controls or technology.

Key Features

  • Ongoing and on-demand data collection from enterprise-wide endpoints
  • Instant visualization of endpoint data and activities, no data scientists required
  • Extensible architecture that allows for self-built applications and customization
  • Integration with third-party data sources such as whitelists or threat intelligence
  • Report-sharing & exporting as images, PDFs, or spreadsheet files


Sensitive data is what drives your business, making loss of that data one of the largest risks your organization faces today. Adding to this vulnerability are the rising frequency of attacks, growing costs of remediation, and lengthening time-to-response.

Key Features

  • Increase overall efficiency of security tools that create alerts through integration and automated response scenarios
  • Identify false positive and validate alerts detected by other security technologies
  • Shorten response times by getting context to triage threats at the point of the alert and expand searches to identify the total impact to the organization
  • Prioritize response based on incident scope as well as data and systems at risk
  • Proactively and reactively run scans to find sensitive intellectual property (IP), personally identifiable information (PII), and classified or sensitive data, exposing systems that present a risk
  • Web-based reporting offers a convenient way to swiftly review, act on, and present findings for small and large security teams
  • Documented chain of custody lets you supply evidence of illicit activity on endpoints during prosecution


Once malware or a risk of sensitive data is exposed and identified, EnCase Endpoint Security lets you take definitive action and remove any reliance on traditional remediation processes like wiping and reimaging, which mean system downtime, loss of productivity and may incur potential data and revenue loss.

Key Features

  • Kill running malware, morphed instances and related processes
  • Forensically wipe malicious files and hard-disk artifacts to halt the spread of the threat
  • Remotely delete sensitive data files from unauthorized locations
  • Ensure deleted artifacts cannot be reconstituted
  • Maintain uptime and productivity of infected systems during remediation
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