EnCase eDiscovery

EnCase eDiscovery provides your team with everything needed to perform continuous case assessment, an optimized process whereby legal teams can quickly glean necessary facts, both pre and post-collection. Designed for enterprise professionals, EnCase eDiscovery provides:

  • Robust, defensible, and non-disruptive collection and preservation
  • Agile, scalable e-discovery support for any combination of cases, users, and data volumes
  • Intelligent and highly efficient Central Legal Repository for secure collaboration
  • Simplified oversight and management of the entire e-discovery process
  • Integration with your existing infrastructure

Key Features

  1. Legal Hold

    • Personalized custodian portal
    • Centralized hold management
    • Global legal-hold reminders
    • Non-disruptive collection and preservation
    • Automated manager escalation
  2. Processing

    • View pivotal information in a graphical layout
    • Superior culling and processing
    • Fully automated and scalable processing for enterprise needs
    • Advanced, near-duplication capability consolidates similar concepts
  3. Review

    • Review, redact, and annotate quickly and easily
    • Faceted search and dynamic concepts speed review
    • Multi-matter, centralized repository for effective deduplication and work product re-use
  4. Collection and Preservation

    • Exclusive capability to collect and preserve content from on premise data repository (e.g. Exchange, Lotus Notes, SharePoint) and the cloud (Amazon S3, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365) with no disruption to business operations
    • Powerful collection and patented, optimized, distributed search functionality deliver the most comprehensive results possible
  5. Analytics and continuous case assessment

    • Unique ability to do pre- and post-case assessment and firstpass review at any point in the process
    • Easy culling and tagging of document groups prior to review
    • Powerful data analytics and a simple interface
    • Accessibility to documents directly from the application
  6. Flexible Architecture

    • On-premises collection and preservation behind the firewall, providing security and oversight of your electronic data
    • SaaS-based review and production for efficient, collaborative review
    • Blended on-premise or SaaS processing, analysis, and ECA offers flexibility
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