Centurion ID

Keeping up with the increasingly complex and dynamic nature of fraud is more difficult everyday. That’s why Centurion was developed as a turnkey, all-in-one platform to run your entire fraud and risk operation. It’s easy to implement and easy to use. Merely reacting to suspicious transactions leaves most merchants one step behind fast-moving fraudsters – and exposes them to potential losses. Centurion provides a proactive, strategic approach to fraud management that helps you prevent fraud before it occurs. And, because Centurion ID developed its core technology, there’s no need to patch together multiple vendors, Centurion ID has integrated and optimized the entire system for outstanding results.

How does Centurion ID Defender work?

  • More than just a fraud tool, Centurion is a complete fraud strategy that works with merchants allowing them to accept more orders, from more people, in more places, boosting sales and reducing fraud.
  • Almost any type of customer-not-present transaction can be reviewed by Centurion including, online order, new accounts, login and mail and telephone orders.
  • Centurion protects businesses working in customer-not-present environments without hindering the transaction process.

Real Time Analytics

When a merchant receives a submitted transaction, hundreds of risk variables are analyzed and weighted in real-time to create a Centurion ID Defender Risk Score. The Centurion ID Defender Risk Score gives the merchant a clear picture of the risk associated with each transaction. Then, the Centurion ID Defender Risk Score, along with raw variable data and additional merchant-supplied information are sent to the Risk Decision Rules Engine. Based on established rules customized by the merchant, the Risk Decision Rules Engine approves, declines, or forwards the transaction for further review. This happens in real-time, 250-350 milliseconds on average.

Auto Agent Review

Based on rules triggered during the initial review process, a transaction may be sent to the Centurion AutoAgent or to a live risk review agent. The Centurion AutoAgent performs many of the same functions as a risk agent such as querying additional 3rd party resources, such as LexisNexis, Targusinfo and 192.com, merchant-supplied positive/negative lists, etc. With this additional data, and based on rules the merchant has established, Centurion ID Defender AutoAgent approves, declines, or forwards the transaction for further manual review. The Centurion AutoAgent works to reduce the load on live risk agents and keeps transactions moving quickly through the process so customers are not left waiting. The typical AutoAgent review takes an average of 1-3 seconds.

Manual Agent Review

Manual review is the costliest and most time consuming method of transaction review and Centurion ID Defender makes every effort to minimize the number of manual reviews required. If manual review is required based on the merchants rules, all merchant-supplied data, third party information, and Centurion Risk Score information is available to the review agent in a single-view. Agents can quickly review which rules were triggered and where the possible problems are and manage them efficiently. The functionality of Centurion’s Agent Web Console enhances the ability to resolve questionable transactions quickly. With Centurion ID Defender, manual reviews can be reduced to just 1% to 2% of all transactions while maintaining and even increasing revenue levels.