Large-Scale Investigation and Processing

Divide and conquer with AD Lab.
This proven tool helps you power through massive data sets, handle various data types and run multiple cases at the same time, all within a collaborative, scalable environment. AD Lab uniquely enables distributed processing, allowing investigators to utilize additional hardware to dramatically increase their case processing and resolution speed.

While a single-person lab can radically speed up their processing using the four-worker distributed processing engines (DPEs) available with FTK®, labs handling massive data sets, utilizing a distributed workforce, or looking to collaborate with attorneys, HR or other parties, can step up to AD Lab.

As a centralized investigative platform, AD Lab adds powerful web-based review functionality and expanded DPE capabilities (up to 16 with the 6.2 release) with a centralized processing farm and centralized database infrastructure. With AD Lab, you get the fastest processing available on the market with virtually limitless scalability (depending on your own hardware). And AD Lab’s state-of-the-art data visualization drives you to deeper analysis by uncovering relationships and patterns that make better decisions possible.

Unsurpassed speed

Slow processing just doesn’t cut it, especially when case urgencies require virtually instantaneous data analysis. With the latest release, AccessData establishes the standard of excellence for high-speed, forensic processing. With AD Lab, massive datasets can now be processed four times faster than the previous version.

Nearly limitless scalability

Your case volumes and investigative data sizes are staggering. AD Lab will scale up, and up! Throw more RAM at it and the scalability is virtually limitless.

Real-time collaboration

The centralized database architecture and one shared case database keeps all parties on the same page and allows you to work through your cases at a record pace. With the web-based review system, non-technical users (attorneys, HR personnel, outside experts) can participate in the process without delay, regardless of their location.

Key Product Features

Manage Multiple Cases and Examiners

  • Multiple examiners share a centralized database for collaboration and review.
  • Centralized processing, indexing and data storage, with the ability to queue jobs into the distributed processing farm.

Powerful but flexible Web User Interface

  • The AD Lab Web User Interface is a template-based approach, meeting the needs of all levels of investigators, ranging from highly skilled forensic practitioners to non-technical users with little investigative training.
  • Provides users all the tools needed to conduct a detailed investigation.
  • The Web UI allows administrators to permission a wide range of purpose-driven UIs that are each configured to the specific needs and skill sets of the investigator.
  • Use the tool on all types of cases, ranging from simple picture-based investigations to complex email investigations.
  • The UI offers comprehensive search, review features, data visualizations and analysis, and administrator features including a configurable UI for different user needs, integrated tasking, in-depth reporting and more).

Secure Computer Forensics LAB Solution

  • Electronic evidence can be fully secured at the case or file level.
  • Granular role-based administration allows administrators to assign users to a given case or set of data within a case.
  • Users can be restricted by feature, so only qualified users can access more advanced functions.
  • Centralized logging ensures accountability.
  • Active Directory integration for authentication.
  • Web browser can use SSL for secure communication.

Ease of Use and Efficency

  • Leverage a shared, distributed processing farm to process massive datasets in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional computer forensics tools.
  • User-friendly web interface enables true native review without having to convert to HTML or image format.
  • Overcome the bandwidth constraints of distributed labs with centralized or distributed databases and web-based analysis, enabling efficient sharing of workload.
  • Integrates with FTK®, AD Enterprise and AD eDiscovery® to streamline investigations for law enforcement, government and corporate labs.
  • Simultaneous collaboration between non-technical web reviewers and FTK forensic analysts.

Capabilities to Empower You

  • Unique distributed processing leverages a multi-hardware environment to give you more power when you need it. Its nearly limitless scalability and insane speed is perfect for your largest cases.
  • Centralized architecture and shared database keeps all parties on the same page.
  • Web-based UI allows easy collaboration with your wide range of teams.
  • Granular user controls gives access to the data relevant to each person’s part of the investigation. Dividing the evidence creates a more efficient and secure workflow.
  • Multi-machine, forensic analysis with wizard-driven processing, filtering and reporting.
  • Analytics that allow you to see relationships and patterns that will help make decisions faster with state-of-the-art data visualization.